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Patricia Cogswell

Partner at Guidehouse, former Deputy Administrator, Transportation Security Administration

Patricia Cogswell is the fire that burns brighter than the fires around her. For 24 years in government, she transformed critical organizations by lighting up their strategy and innovation by doing what everyone is great at “talking” about: meaningfully engaging the private sector to collaborate around mission solutions. She’s served as a leader in nearly every key discipline within homeland security: transportation, intelligence, policy, border security, maritime, screening, and information sharing initiatives – we’ll bore you if we list them all. But at the Department of Homeland Security, the National Security Council, and Department of Justice, when all is dark, she’s the candle they call to light the way.

Cogswell has led through government shutdowns, pandemics, and more. Each new leadership role has given rise to her stature as a true “CEO of Homeland,” leading complex strategic, operational, and information technology programs in the law enforcement, homeland security, and intelligence communities, as well as with international partners. While in homeland and national security, Patty held senior executive positions within the Department of Homeland Security, including as the Deputy Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration, Assistant Director for Intelligence at the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Acting Undersecretary within the Office of Intelligence and Analysis, Acting Assistant Secretary for Policy Integration and Implementation, and Deputy Assistant Secretary for Screening Coordination.

Now at Guidehouse, where they tout their counsel as “your trusted guide for complex journeys,” Patty continues to bring her unique and effective ability to collaborate back to the missions of national security, and we look forward to seeing what this fireball will do next!

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