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J. Matt Gilkeson

Director of the Innovation Task Force at the Transportation Security Administration

At the forefront of the innovation that allows you to breeze through the security checkpoints before you jet off to your next location is J. Matt Gilkeson, Director for the Innovation Task Force (ITF) within Requirements and Capabilities Analysis at the Transportation Security Administration. As his LinkedIn profile asserts, his goal “to be open and an ‘every-day’ learner” informs his day-to-day job as he leads the hottest new innovations for the fastest security for travelers.

As Division Director, Gilkeson fosters innovation by integrating key stakeholders in the identification, demonstration, and characterization of emerging solutions in an effort to increase security effectiveness and improve passenger experience. The ITF is composed of a diverse headquarters staff of program managers who integrate operations activities, develop strategic and tactical plans, and demonstrate innovative private-sector solutions that ensure the freedom of movement throughout the nation’s transportation system.

Prior to being named Division Director, Gilkeson headed a cross-agency team of personnel from headquarters and field staff in the creation of the dynamic screening initiative, which aims to create a faster, more user-friendly, and lighter-touch passenger and Transportation Security Officer experience by integrating capabilities, technologies, and procedures and tailoring screening to each passenger. Additionally, Gilkeson previously served as the Branch Manager for ITF’s Demonstration Management and Execution team, where he managed and oversaw all of ITF’s demonstration activities.