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Charles Simon

Founder and CEO of FutureAI

All the promises of artificial intelligence don’t come without potential security threats, especially with the inevitable development of artificial general intelligence – the ability of an intelligent agent to understand or learn any intellectual task that a human can. The author of “Will Computers Revolt? Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence” and the developer of Brain Simulator II, an AGI research software platform, is working to ensure that the tough questions are asked and addressed as AI technology is developed and deployed. As founder and CEO of FutureAI, Charles Simon has seen a period of extraordinary growth for artificial intelligence and with it the enormous potential. A Silicon Valley and venture-backed entrepreneur, Simon founded Vectron Graphics, one of the world’s first CAD computing companies, and as a Microsoft alum was a co-founder of Gift Certificates.com. He has sold Commercial CAD Technology to the Stanford Linear Accelerator (SLAC), Harris Corp (now L3 Harris Technologies), NASA Ames Laboratory, and McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing). He has broad management, startup, and combined development experience in neurological test equipment, CPUs, and artificial intelligence software. Simon is the author of numerous published science books, articles, papers, and technical presentations. And trailblazing doesn’t just occur on dry land: As an extreme sailor, in 2017 he was the Captain of one of only 15 sailboats in the world to circumnavigate the North American continent via the Arctic Northwest Passage transit. Satellite-mapping was used to survey the route and a new channel was added in the Arctic Tasmania Islands, now named after Charles. He is also one of the few to additionally complete a sailing world circumnavigation.

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