Lori Wade

Intelligence Community Chief Data Officer

The Intelligence Community released a new data strategy in July that aims to respond to current and future threats with “significant agility and refinement of data-driven activities” – with goals to ensure that over the next three years of digital transformation across the IC “end-to-end data management is core to what we do and not seen as merely an enabling function.” Intelligence Community Chief Data Officer Lori Wade is leading this effort to respond to current and future threats by embracing and planning for ongoing digital and data transformation. Wade was appointed as the Intelligence Community Chief Data Officer and Assistant DNI for Data and Partnership Interoperability in May 2022. In this role, Wade is responsible for leading the Intelligence Community’s strategic initiative to re-imagine the future of the IC’s data landscape in the digital era. Wade has a wealth of executive leadership experience, expertise, and passion for solving digital, data, and organizational challenges, driving inclusive change, and delivering results with impact. She has more than 20 years of experience working in and leading diverse technology, data, and AI/ML teams across the IC in both a private and public capacity. Previously, Wade served as the CIA’s Deputy Chief Data Officer and deputy director of the Agency’s Data Office. She integrated efforts and collaborated across the CIA directorates and mission centers and engaged CDOs, technology and thought leaders across the IC, and key foreign partners to devise strategic and tactical options to increase the speed of data sharing for mission use. She has embedded data expertise directly with mission to drive end-to-end data management, significantly increasing the speed of data in the intelligence cycle. Wade also served as CIA Directorate of Digital Innovation’s Chief for the Global Issues Mission Center and the East Asia and Pacific Mission Center and Korea Mission Center. In prior roles at ODNI, she served as Chief of the Mission Capabilities Group in the Office of the Deputy DNI for Intelligence Integration. She also served as Chief Operating Officer for the National Counterterrorism Center, as well as Chief of Staff for NCTC’s Directorate of Intelligence. Prior to joining ODNI in 2008, Wade worked in private industry for Booz Allen Hamilton where she completed assignments with NRO, FBI, and DHS/CBP.

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