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Marc Zimmermann

Unit Chief at Homeland Security Investigations

Marc Zimmermann, a Unit Chief at Homeland Security Investigations and the former Deputy Director at INTERPOL Washington, began his federal law enforcement career in 2004 with HSI in Newark, New Jersey. As a Special Agent he was responsible for investigations involving national security matters, and as a Group Supervisor he managed the Border Security Intelligence Group and the Violent Gang Task Force.

In his time at INTERPOL, he spearheaded Project TERMINUS, a partnership between INTERPOL Washington and the State Department’s Bureau of Counterterrorism that provides expert technical assistance to select countries that want to integrate INTERPOL’s Stolen and Lost Travel Document (SLTD) database – containing records on more than 96 million travel documents – into their border security systems in order to better share information that can lead to the interception of transnational criminals and terrorists as they attempt to travel. “What we’re trying to do is bring information from across 195 countries to the decision makers at the border, the decision makers in rural communities and in cities across America, to ensure the safety and security of the American public,” Zimmerman said in an interview with HSToday.

Zimmermann was appointed to the deputy director role in 2021, having previously served as assistant director of the Transnational Crime Division at INTERPOL Washington since 2019. He came to INTERPOL after his service as assistant special agent in charge at Homeland Security Investigations in San Francisco. Before that, Zimmermann served as deputy chief of staff for HSI and law enforcement advisor to the counterterrorism coordinator at the Department of Homeland Security in Washington.

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