Keith Goll

Acting Assistant Administrator for Requirements and Capabilities Analysis at the Transportation Security Administration

Keith Goll is currently the Acting Assistant Administrator for Requirements and Capabilities Analysis at TSA. In this role, he leads efforts to grow capability analysis expertise, centralize requirements for the agency, and demonstrate emerging technologies. In addition, he guides the activities for development of future technologies – a current focus is advancing computed tomography (CT) capabilities and establishing the agency’s strategy for implementation of biometrics.

“TSA appreciates working with industry stakeholders to design, build and test innovative technologies that enhance security and improve the passenger experience,” Goll said in a statement. “We continue to work ceaselessly to leverage the latest technology and partnerships to ensure that the traveling experience of our PreCheck passengers is as seamless, convenient and secure as possible.” Goll is trailblazing the passenger and traveler experience through industry engagement, innovation, and biometrics.

Under Goll, TSA has expanded its biometric technology usage and improved accuracy, speed, and the ability to automate processes to help move passengers through screening more quickly. Currently, TSA is exploring a self-service version of Credential Authentication Technology (CAT) that enables passengers to scan their own photo IDs for authentication and uses biometrics to verify passenger identity, eliminating a point of contact between officers and passengers. This updated version of CAT (known as CAT-2) biometrically verifies a passenger’s identity by taking a picture and comparing the passenger’s live image to the photo on their authenticated photo ID (e.g., driver’s license, passport).

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